Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about corn tortillas you have found the treasure chest of answers. We’ve been producing and perfecting tortillas for years. We have travelled the length and breadth of Central America, tasting our way from Panama to Mexico. We also founded the award winning taco truck ‘the little taquero’. If you have any questions you want answered please contact us and we’ll add them to our FAQs to help others.

Can I click and collect?

Yes you can choose to collect your order rather then have it delivered. If it is outside of our shop opening hours we will place your order in our collection box for you to collect.

Can I collect outside of your opening hours?

Yes you can, We have an out of hours parcel collection box for orders collected after we have closed.

When do you produce tortillas?

We produce fresh corn tortillas four times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday is open for click and collect only, Wednesday-Friday you can just pop in and buy tortillas and other products during our opening hours.

Can I change my "production date"?

In most cases yes, as long as the cut-off time has not passed for a production date you can change your date by emailing us at

Do I have to order online?

No you don’t. If you would like to come to our shop to buy your tortillas and any other ingredients you are more than welcome to. Check our contact us page for opening hours.

What is the best way to contact you?

We spend most of our time producing tortillas which means sometimes we can’t answer the phone while operating machinery. The best way to contact us is via email or whatsapp.

How do I change/cancel my subscription?

You can make amendments including pausing, changing and cancelling your subscription my visiting your my account page. Your username defaults to the first part of your email address used when placing your initial order. 

Why does my postcode not bring up delivery options?

Our tortillas are fresh and therefore have a shorter shelf life than those packed with preservatives. We restrict our delivery radius to areas we are confident couriers can deliver within an acceptable time frame. Unfortunately this does means that some postcodes are restricted such has highlands and islands.

How do you cook your tortillas?
Our corn tortillas are lightly toasted to be heated on a comal or dry frying pan and enjoy that authentic corn smell. Cook for 10-15 seconds on medium/high heat on each side and place inside a tortilla warmer (sold separately) or inside a clean folded tea towel, this is an important, often forgotten, step which allows the tortillas to stay nice and soft. For tortilla chips or tostadas, deep fry at 180 degrees for 3 minutes or bake at 180 degrees for 9 minutes.
What is the shelf life of your tortillas?

We place a 4-5 day best before date on our tortillas (depending on the time of year). This is based on the assumption they spend up to 24 hours ambient in the transit system followed by being stored in the fridge. If you do not refrigerate our tortillas you can expect the tortillas to last as long as other fresh breads (1-2 days).

Can I freeze your tortillas?

Yes. absolutely! Our tortillas freeze brilliantly. Freeze for up to 1 month. The key to enjoying our tortillas from frozen is following our defrosting instructions: Our tortillas are best defrosted slowly in the fridge. Make sure tortillas are kept in their packaging or a plastic bag while defrosting to prevent drying out. Use within 2 days of defrosting.

Do corn tortillas need to be refrigerated?

Yes. If they are fresh tortillas, like ours, they should be kept in the fridge in a zip-lock bag or container to prevent them from drying out.

How long does your shipping take?

For local deliveries in Bristol we tend to use Zedify who deliver same-day. For national deliveries as use DHL Next-Day delivery or Royal Mail Tracked 24 (you can choose). Both are next-day services but are not guaranteed. DHL Operate Monday-Friday. Royal Mail deliver Monday-Sunday. Delivery estimates are given on the cart page. Your order will be dispatched on your ‘production date’ which means you should receive it the next day in most cases.

What is masa harina?
Masa Harina is nixtamalised flour made from maize (corn). The previously indigestible corn is soaked in a lime alkaline solution, washed, dried and ground into flour.
Are corn tortillas gluten free?
Not necessarily. A lot of supermarket ‘corn’ tortillas are actually mixed with wheat flour as they struggle to achieve the malleability with corn alone. Our tortillas are 100% corn and are gluten free while maintaining strength and malleability.
What is healthier, corn or flour tortillas?
Corn tortillas are higher in fibre, less calories, lower carbs and are made from whole grains. Being gluten free they are generally also easier to digest.
Which tortillas are the best for frying?
The thickness is the most important factor to consider when frying tortillas. It can be difficult to achieve the desired thickness using a tortilla press at home. Our tortillas are thick enough to stay strong for tacos but thin enough to make fantastic tortilla chips. Check out our guide for frying tortillas.
What is the healthiest type of tortilla?
Corn tortillas are undoubtedly healthier than flour but within the corn tortilla family, blue tortillas are the healthiest. Blue corn tortillas have almost twice the protein as their white counterparts, fewer calories and more fibre.
How do you cook tortillas so they don't fall apart?
The biggest mistake people make when cooking tortillas is forgetting to ‘steam’ them after cooking on the pan or griddle. Using a clean tea towel or tortilla warmer keeps tortillas hot and soft until they are used. Going straight from pan to plate results in the tortillas drying out as the steam escapes. The tortillas can then become brittle and fall apart after they’ve been loaded up.
Can you use corn tortillas after their best before date?
If our tortillas are kept in the fridge, unopened, you may find they are great well beyond their best before date. If they have passed their best before date, they may either dry out or go mouldy depending on how they have been stored. If they have dried out, try frying them into tortilla chips.
Can you warm tortillas in a microwave?
You can, but should you? We’ve seen people do this and in our experience it is not only going to ‘nuke’ the nutrients, it doesn’t result in the slightly firmer surface cooking on a pan achieves which risks resulting in a sloppy taco mess.
What's the difference between a tortilla and a wrap?
A wrap is usually made from wheat flour while a tortilla can be either. Generally speaking, wraps tend to be more than 6″ and tortillas smaller than 6″. Wraps can be used for making burritos, salad wraps and large quesadillas. Tortillas are usually used to make tacos, tostadas, small quesadillas and tortilla chips.
Do you need to cook corn tortillas?
Corn tortillas should be cooked to get the best taste from them. While you’re not going to get ill from eating tortillas straight out of the packet, tortillas should be heated on a comal or frying pan and then briefly steamed in a tea towel or tortilla warmer. Check out our guide for how to make soft corn tortillas for best results cooking.