Thank you for supporting small independent business. We at the little tortilleria produce some of the best, most authentic tasting fresh corn tortillas in the UK.

Nobody likes to serve food they are not proud of. Using store-bought tortillas can really let a meal down, especially when you’ve put so much effort into your fillings. Hard, brittle tacos falling apart in your guests hands – nobody wants that!

Have you ever found a pack of store bought tortillas in the back of your cupboard from months ago, only to realise there’s not a spot of mould on them? What kind of preservatives must be in those things?! We make quesadillas for our 3 year old all the time. It’s great knowing that the tortillas we are using are completely free from preservatives and nasties. They are even gluten-free.

masa harina on tortilla machine


You simply cannot beat fresh corn tortillas. In Mexico they are delivered each morning like a milk-man.
Most tortillas available in the UK lack the traditional corn taste and have the consistency of cardboard. Ours will transport your customers to Mexico with their authentic corn taste. Tortillas from the little tortilleria are beautifully soft and malleable yet strong to avoid falling apart while eating.

Our soft corn tortillas are the product of years of experience, hand making tortillas for our award winning taco truck ‘the little taquero’. We are now able to offer the freshest tortillas possible, nation-wide thanks to our tortilla machine hecho en Mexico (made in Mexico)
Good tortillas should have an authentic, delicious corn taste. We use premium quality nixtamalised flour with zero preservatives. This creates beautiful, flexible, soft yet strong tortillas, with authentic Mexican taste.


White corn tortillas are the most popular in Mexico and our best seller. Lightly charred, our tortillas are 3/4 cooked for you to slap on the griddle for your creations. Our white corn tortillas currently come in two sizes; 12cm and 14cm. Use these for taqueria tacos, tostadas, quesadillas and totopos (tortilla chips). They are made from corn meaning they are naturally gluten free.


Made from blue corn (there are no artificial colours here!) these tortillas are high in antioxidants and with a slightly nuttier flavour. Blue tortillas taste great and add colour and contrast to taco creations.
Blue corn tortillas come in 12cm and 14m sizes.

masa harina on tortilla machine


the little tortilleria’s commitment to creating authentic Mexican tortillas led us to import an industrial tortilla machine. We produce the tortillas in Backwell, Bristol in our five star rated commercial kitchen and are available for collection straight off the machine on certain days. We use cycle couriers for to deliver our wholesale tortillas locally around Bristol. For further afield we use carbon neutral couriers. Retail tortillas are now available at selected Bristol stockists as well as our retail site MASA Tortillas Our machine currently makes 13cm tortillas, perfect for tacos!


We use Mexican masa harina flour to make our soft corn tortillas. This pre-nixtamalized flour, made in Mexico, is cholesterol free and gluten free. It’s a great source of fibre and potassium and still packed full of energy. We combine the flour with a little salt, water and the tiniest bit of gum and as a result, they are strong and malleable. Our tortillas are non GMO, vegan friendly, gluten free and preservative free. They are also suitable for freezing.


The tortilla has been a Mexican and Central American staple since pre-Columbian times. The Aztecs called them tlaxcalli and these are widely recognised as being the first records of tortillas.

Tortillas are traditionally made from corn, not wheat. Wheat was not grown in the Americas before Europeans arrived and wheat flour tortillas barely existed in Mexico and Central American until the 1970’s. Corn tortillas are made using a process called nixtamalization which involves curing maize in limewater.

The nixtamalization process allows for previously undigestible corn skins to peel off. It enriches the nutritional value of the maize as a gluten-free source of vitamins, fibre, minerals and protein.

masa harina on tortilla machine